Manila is the capital City of Philippines and has lots of culture infused in various places. You will be lost for options on what do do and where to go. I will thus share what I got down to.



A walk through Intramuros felt like I had been taken back in time. Intramuros means “within the walls” and there we were, in a small city of sorts, surrounded by walls.


The walls were built historically to protect the region from invasion and you will meet soldiers dressed in somewhat Spanish guard uniforms, the buildings are brightly coloured and you will see historic buildings like St. Agustin.




San.Agustin Church:


This is a Roman Catholic Church whose construction begun in 1586 and was completed in 1607. It has withstood the hardest of times like major  earthquakes and the war for freedom from colonization.


It is beautiful and though old, it is still in very good condition. Make a visit here, enjoy its beauty and history and say a prayer.


Attend a Celebration


I attended the Grand Marian Procession which is done annually since 1978 where various images of Mary and Baby Jesus are paraded around Intramuros. The Philippines are dominantly very staunch Catholics and as such, a celebration like this very important to them. The streets were filled with people, anxiety filled the air, excitement was almost tangible  and I didn’t know what to expect. Soon, music filled the air, the air was now charged to peak and people stood on the sidelines of the road, each looking for a prime spot to stand and watch.


Soon, groups of people would perform songs and dances, the ladies would swing their dresses, the men would stamp their feet, smiles, joy, excitement was all over. Some of the outfits were very appealing and I came to learn that each group represented a church from each region of Philippines.


Image of Mary and Baby Jesus

I didn’t know who to watch and who not to watch, each was spectacular, each was appealing and to top it off , the statues were carried on high, on various makeshift structures These statues were no ordinary statues, they glimmered, they shone and I was informed some if not all had gem stones.



Rizal/Luneta Park


It is named thus in honor of  Dr.Jose Rizal who is a national hero who was killed in 1896.  The Park which is situated a few meters from Intramuros is large and reflects stories of Philippine history from the statues,to the various gardens to the Rizal Monument where Dr.Rizal remains are . I mainly enjoyed the dancing pool-a first for me, which seemed to dance to the music as the lights changed colour making the water seem colourful.





Philippines is quite a relaxed place and most places I visited were quite relaxed-even the party scene. I however had the opportunity to learn how to dance Salsa as well as Samba and I think I am going to take this up.


Resort World


This resort is on another level of luxury. The shops, the design, the glamour and the beauty makes the place outstanding. They even went out of their way to ensure I felt like Cinderella-wait maybe I am Cinderella–where art thou Mr.Prince Charming?


I had visited this area to attend a concert in aid of the earthquake victims  and it was great watching  so many people coming together to support such a noble cause. The entertainment provided was over and above my expectation-Thank you.

Make Friends

As always its awesome to make new friends as well as meet old friends. Thanks Miano for helping me plan the trip and showing me around-you helped flavour the trip.


With Pals-Japhet, Jurilex, Kim and Maiz


Move around the town


Manila has lots to offer and various forms of transport. The common ones are the jeepneys and the buses.


I definitely need to return and see more, experience more, live more- this trip just enabled me to have a taste..I will return to eat.


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