This is the National Monument of Indonesia and  is about 132 meters tall.It is a symbolism of their fight for freedom. Within it you will get to understand all you need about the history of Indonesia.They tell their story through figurines and paintings that look so real,you almost feel like you were there.They have then gone a step further to write captions both in Bahasa and English.This place was one of my favourite places in Indonesia.

National Museum

National Museum


This is a somewhat theme park that has anything and everything.My highlight of this place was the cultural/artwork area.I have never ever seen that many amazing pieces of paintings on display.The pieces look so real you would believe they are pictures.It was awesome talking to the  several painters and actually seeing them convert white canvas to masterpieces of art

I met this intelligent chap---via painting

I met this intelligent chap—via painting.Cheers to the artist-Apologies ,cannot remember his name.

Out and About:

I visited a little village on the outskirts of Jakarta and had a blast.While walking around,I heard some music and decided to follow.I ended up in a school compound,then a classroom with an all girls music group.These girls were so cool,we talked,we sang,we danced we made music.Always take time to interact with the people.Thank you girls for sharing with me some local music.I was also really impressed that they had an all girls band,they had lives,they were living normal everyday girl lives.

Hanging out with new friends

Hanging out with new friends


It was fun answering the questions of all the Indonesians I met on the road.These questions were raised by people of all ages and gender.

1.You are traveling alone?(Shock on their faces)-Yes

2.Your father allowed you to travel alone?(Shock on their faces)Yes

3.You are not afraid to travel as a solo,lady,so far from home?(Shock on their faces)-Nope

4.How far is your country from here-Very far

5.Who is catering for your trip?Myself

6.Can we please take a photo with you(Smiles)-Smile,sure

7.They would all end with-You are a very brave girl


Try out all local delicacies  Sate,Nasi, Goreng and others,


Fried Cat fish-As it appeared on my plate


After my meal-What was left of the cat fish….Yum Yum.I do not eat fish much,but I believe this indicates how good their food is.

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