Indonesia-I am Impressed

This country was my biggest shocker -in a good way.It shredded my pre conceived stereotypes  and replaced them with lovely experiences,lessons and memories.

a)Being  dominantly Muslim ,I thought I would have to wear a Buibui at all times like some Muslim states-Nope,one does not have to wear a buibui.

b)I would have to wear a Hijab(head cover)-Nope,you can if you want,but it is not a requirement.

c)The women have no voice-I went to a school and found a girls music group.They were singing,playing music instruments and it was a joy just to sit and trade stories with them.The women work,drive and have lives.

d)The women are very fashion trendy you will be surprised.Even in cases where they have their head covered,their clothes are trendy-skinny jeans,tights,beautiful long dresses etc.

e)The men and women do not mix in some buses.You will find that there are designated places ie-ladies at the front,men at the back.

f)Everyone ok almost everyone smokes.You will find males smoking through out regardless of their age.

g)Alcohol is not freely sold thus you may have to look around to find a place that sells alcohol-which is also quite pricey.

h)Though their English isn’t the best,they will still talk to you.They will try to interact ,they will smile -they will befriend you.This is regardless of age,I actually made acquintances with some old people even at the airport.

i)They will stare-Be prepared ,they will stare.In most places,tourists aren’t that frequent so you can Imagine how I ,an African,black,a solo lady,stood out.But what I loved about them is that they were amazingly warm and friendly that I blended right in.Though I was a new “look” to them,no one eyed me weirdly,no one said anything rude and they viewed me more with intrigue and wonder.

j)You will take many photos-As mentioned above,I was African,something the majority of people had never seen in their lives-ever.However after chatting up,most would ask to take pics to show their friends,to show their family or as a memory so be ready to smile for the camera.

k)Most places do not use tissue,so if you usually use one, kindly carry some in your bag everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Indonesia-I am Impressed

  1. Hi Wangechi. I get your blog from the pool. But frankly, I had no slightest idea you’ve been around for awhile in my country. Glad you have a good time here, really. Cheers! 🙂

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