Malaysia-My disappointment with Malaysia

1.The bus station.

I was to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang.I purchased a high end ticket that had a luxurious bus that said it would drop us in George Town.The ticket they gave me was not the same as the picture they showed me,no leather seats,no massage seat and no,it did not drop us off in George Town and I had to navigate my way to George town on my own.Basically, I was ripped off at the official registered bus park.

2.Negative stereotyping /Racism

a)Kuala Lumpur:I had heard from people that Malaysia is not the most friendly place,especially to Africans.Even with this I was like ,it cant be that bad.It was that bad and worse.First place/time I have heard someone refer to me as a Negro(And I have travelled to some random places)-at Puduraya/Pudu Sentral  bus park.Negro isnt bad cause it actually means Black,but its how they said it which makes you know they were referring to me in a derogatory way.

b)Melaka:Oh and it didnt end there.While in Melaka,I went to visit a tourist site.At the end of my tour,I went to ask the receptionist a few questions-basically what I did not understand.First,I noticed she seemed scared if not wary to speak to me.I wanted that information clarified so I continued on and asked my questions.After a few minutes,she relaxed and answered my questions.There after,she asked me about Africa,life in Africa etc.As we spoke she then told me-Do not interact with the Africans here-keep away from them.I asked her why yet I am African? She informed me that generally,Malaysians do not like Africans,they are afraid of us,they believe that we are criminals ,doing drugs and prostitution-(Word for word). You should have seen my mouth hit the ground.She then goes on to tell me how at first she was wary to talk to me just because I am Black,and only spoke to me because she was at work.If we had met outside,she would not have spoken to me.I told her thats some crazy stereotyping and it is retrogressive in these global times.She then goes on to tell me that she is ok with me because I seem cool,and I am a tourist but basically all if not all the crime in Malaysia is by the Africans -Drugs, prostitution,theft etc.As I left,she again reminded me,keep away from the Africans or you will get into trouble.I LEFT WITH A BITTER TASTE IN MY MOUTH.

But on the other side,really, you Africans that are criminals ,do you see the kind of  bad reputation you are giving to the honest,hardworking Black  Africans?I use the word black because it seems these guys do not realize we also have white Africans,but its easier to Identify us cause of the colour of our skin.

c)Penang: Here,I ended up meeting and hanging out with a friend (met on previous travel).My friend is White(Now that we are using colour to describe people),and I can tell you,the stares we got hahahahaha I am shocked I didnt fall or my skin didnt change colour. Their looks,their stares,their eyes ,them elbowing each other said it-they thought I was his prostitute.Yes,one guy even had the guts to ask-*faint.* Malaysians,not every black woman walking with a white dude is his prostitute.We also work, make our money and it is this money that we then use to travel the world(My case).The last I checked,we are humans,and we are allowed to befriend and associate with other Human beings regardless of race.

3.My advice to the government-Educate,educate,educate your citizens.Educate them that humanity is humanity.We bleed like Malay people,our blood groups are the same and we breathe the same air.Blacks /Africans are no different from them apart from skin colour.Or better still,invite so many Africans to your country ,your citizens will have to interact with them at one time or another and realize we are similar than they think.


3 thoughts on “Malaysia-My disappointment with Malaysia

  1. wow, thanks for this post, I’ve always wanted to vent. I lived in Malaysia for two years and it almost broke my spirit. CyberJaya and Puchong. Once a Malay asked if we had houses, coz- he knew in Tanzania they didn’t and pythons could eat you anytime- I started to say it’s just like here..and he waved me off. Another landlady gave me instructions on how to use the washing machine-coz my Malay housemate didn’t have a problem- and guess who came to ask me why the machine wouldn’t stop a few days later.

    My Kenyan housemate, from Mombasa. She’d get cleared faster than me at the airport. They though she was from Saudi.
    I never got used to being called Neeegro/Orang Putih. I would go for job interviews but get turned down for being the wrong color, you’d get passed in line at theTesco, McDonalds, the bank and even pregnant women wouldn’t take the seat beside you in the bus. If it was just black students at the bus stop the bus driver(The Local Cyberjaya Rapid KL) didn’t stop.

    I wouldn’t want to get started on how black students would get attacked, thrown out of apartments without a notice. How one day a Botswana student collapsed, and the college doctor rang to ask what kind of a student, the security guy said Orang Putih and I could have fired in the air if I had a gun. Imagine, it was a UG student that run to the Bots student rep to get help…meanwhile black students and some Arabs, we gave him first aid.

    A Yemeni classmate once told me thing things he saw happening to black students, it was like being in the set of an action movie.
    Terrible place for black people. I always wondered–Africa, do you know where your children are?

    Oh, and onetime, I was blamed for causing an accident, I was the only black person in the car.

    I thought tourists had it easy in Negara Malaysia kumbe, you are black you are black you are black..

    • @Ciss sorry for the late response.Your story has saddened me..true..a lot of people go through a lot of headache and heartache abroad but never share …thanks for that..I hope someone from their Government will get to read this and see how their citizens are treating non-natives and do something to change the situation. I do hope however that it doesnt break your belief in the goodness of humanity.Met a FEW Malaysians who at least attested that not all are mean and nasty to Africans…Hope you are well…Cheers

      • Yes I’m well. Lovely pieces you got here on your blog. True, not all Malaysians are a disappointment. I made some lasting friendships, got welcomed in Many Malay homes and was treated with kindness by those with a different mentality.

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