Driving one of their PSV-Want a ride?


Met some interesting people-even if via statue



This is the capital city of Thailand and is very developed. The roads are well done, cleanand their transport system very efficient. There is lots one can engage in-the below being a few.

Grand Palace:

Grand Palace

This was  the official residence of the Royal family previously but is now only used for official occasions. It is home to various complex buildings,  is home to the wat Phra Kaew temple otherwise known as the temple of the emerald buddha and a museum. It is a worthwhile visit as it enables one to better understand the culture of Thailand and especailly the royal family.  Make sure you have comfortable shoes as the area it covers is quite vast.

Met a Monk

I was happy to meet a monk

Visit a Park:


Take time out to go and relax at the park at one of the numerous parks available. The grass is green, the environment clean, the grass lawned and it will give you a chance to relax and enjoy just watching people.

At the Park

Go Shopping

Thailand is any and every shoppers  paradise, honestly, this is the one place I spent most of my time. They have malls all over inclusive of night markets with a wide variety of  items mainly pocket friendly and the famous Chatuchak weekend market which is the largest market in Thailand and the worlds largest weekend market. This market is huge, you can easily get lost. You will be lost for options not knowing what to pick and what to leave.



Ripped off:

We were convinced by one of our taxi drivers that we could enjoy a boat ride as we saw several locations as was reflected on a brochure he had-do not be duped.  After paying a hefty price, we saw nothing worthwhile as the river was dirty and even smelly and no, we didnt get upclose to any of the sights- you would need very  powerful binoculars to do so. All we saw close up were these fish fighting for the bread they threw in the water.


Fish-The only thing we saw close up on the ride


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