Thailand-Chang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the North of Thailand, is a mountainous region and is quite peaceful and quiet. It is also a city with lots of history hidden. I didint get to explore it intensively due to time but I enjoyed the little I did. It is on my bucketlist of -have to return.

The dressing:

Cute...cute ...cute

This here little girl caught my eye from a distance. She had on this huge head dressing that though seemed to engulf her, also made her stand out. She has wide eyes that seemed to take in her surrounding and a cute black adorned outfit.She eyed me keenly as if also trying to understand me. I later came to learn that she is from the Mai Hill tribe and I definitley have to return to both get myself such a gear as well as learn their culture more.

Doi Suthep


This actually the name of the Mountain that is  greatly revered by the Thai people. One gets an amazing aerial view of Chiang Mai from here and it also hosts the Doi Suthep temple. However, there is a price to pay-309 steps to get to the top. When we begun the climb, it looked cool but let me warn you, it is challenging, exhausting but totally worth it. Make sure you have carried some water; you will need it once you get to the top. One feels like they are in the clouds, watching Chiang Mai below. The area is also home to the cutest monk sculptures you will ever see

Top of Chang Mai


Chiang Mai Night Market:

This market is very very active-you will hardly note it is dark. The streets are lit, there are many people, the food market is vibrant, the shopping variety vast and the prices super friendly. Trust me-you will be unable to make easy decisions on your shopping.

Night Market

Get A Thai Massage:

You have to get a Thai massage-look at it as taking your body for realignment. If the thought of stripping down to a towel or nothing as happens in most massage parlours-you will be pleasantly suprised, here you are fully clothed. Once you arrive, one is given a cup of green tea to enjoy as soft music pipes through the speakers. By the time you are led to your room, your body is already on relaxation mode. Here, I was provided with an outfit that looked like pajamas- loose fitting pants and a shirt to wear. I had thought I would find rose petals laid out, incense burning and candles lit-I found none. In the booths, I didnt even find a bed but a firm thin mattress laid out on the floor-so much for thinking I would be on a cushioned bed. Soon after, my attendant started working on my body in a manner I think is best represented by a mechanic working on a car. She pulled at my limbs, compressed, tugged, stretched and contorted my body in angles I still do not comprehend how she achieved. As she wound down is when she eased the pressure and when she was done , it felt like I had been dropped from a great high, a good high. I assure you, once done you will take a minute to comprehend what happended as your body thanks you for taking it for its long overdue service.



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