We basically visited this place to engage in the below activities. It was an organized trip that we joined at our hostel

Tiger Temple.


I have always been fascinated by Tigers.I have seen most of the cat family in Kenya but Tigers do not reside there. I thus had seeing Tigers as a must do on my visit. This plan was topped when we were told we could actually touch them.


It was great that they were not in cages and their brochure explains that they are docile because they have been hand-raised and the afternoon heat also makes them lazy. The place is run by Buddhist Monks and you should see how they play with them as if they are kittens.


When you visit make sure you are not wearing any bright colours (red or orange) or sleeveless tops and you have to sign a release form just in case something happens-they are naturally wild. As I look at these pictures, I smile and shudder at the same time-what if the tigers dceided not to be “cute kitty kitty”?


However, I still wondered how all, ok almost all were in deep sleep- the inquiry continues…

Elephant Ride:

I had always wanted to ride an elephant, I dont know why. Thus I was ecstatic when I actually got to do it at bamboo camp. Look at how tall elephants are, how huge they are-the view from up there is awesome. The ride was not smooth as even the terrain involved going up a hill and then down-that was scary. We even crossed a river while at it and the group behind us almost swam when the elephant decided to get deeper so as to cool off better- I can only imagine the fear that gripped them. Tip-give the team ahed of you your camera to take pictures of you. I was saddened to note that the elephants here had chains and we didn’t get to play and wash them as I had envisioned, we weren’t even allowed to touch them. I later learnt for such a free, enjoyable, animal friendly experience, Chang Mai elephant conservations are where I would need to visit.



This was an interesting ride and its also good excercise. The raft tour happens on river Kwai and enables you to see the villages that have actually been built on the river.243120_10150198886611511_5559084_o

 I honestly kept wondering how they survive living on the river, and I can only dread the mosquitoes at night. Maybe next time, I will get a chance to stay in one of the homes.



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