Enjoying sweet poatatoes

Enjoying some tea

Enjoying some freshly brewed tea-yes-with actual tea leaves

Clams,found these at the bottom of one of the soups

Traditional Kitchen

Roasted Squid

Market day

Eat Away

Eat Away

My new Friend

Teambuilding with Eva Airlines 1

We traveled by bus which was a great experience. The landscape of the whole trip was beautiful. I was privileged to accompany Mr.Chen and his colleagues at Eva Airline for their family team building. The area produces wind energy and thus is surrounded by many wind turbines. The ocean is also nearby and the view is just breathtaking.


Next,we had our barbeque at Sweet Potato Garden. This place is beautiful and instead of indoor cooking, they have made somewhat bunkers that people can sit and enjoy the weather, barbequing and several games.They cook lots of traditional delicacies like sweet potatoes and eggs boiled in black tea.

Enjoying sweet poatatoes

The lady there is called Ahuei and she is very warm.Though she couldn’t speak English,she was very warm and tried to speak to me through Mr.Chen but in the end we opted to communicate through body language.

My new friend

Traditional Kitchen

Roasted squid
Eat anything and everything you are offered in Taiwan-you will love it. I ate everything from clam soup(a first), to steamed buns(yum yum), to  squid, drank sweet potato soup and ate eggs cooked in strong/black tea. I learnt the best thing is not to ask specific of your order, when we ordered soup, I found the below at the bottom of the bowl after having really enjoyed it.



Cultural Difference:

It was interesting to see the men take charge of all the cooking. African culture entails the woman to cook, but here , the men had it covered. All the way from lighting the grill to preparing the food.



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