10 reasons I love Pingdong/Pingtung

This town is located in the South of Taiwan and is popular for farming and tourism. This is my current favourite city in Taiwan. I especially liked it because it is calm, serene, beautiful, has a high older generation population and lots of activities to do and people to engage.

a)The people

With Grand Ma and Grand Pa

I stayed with Katys Grand pa and Grand ma and they eventually became my grandparents. These two opened their hearts and home to me and I will forever be grateful. It was interesting watching people observe grandma and I conversing with each other-her in Chinese, me in English yet we compeletely understood each other.They became my tour guides and showed me all around the town and its outskirts. May God continue bless them abundantly.

Grand Ma and Grand Pa

2) Visit the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park

Hanging Out with some of the stars

This place is found in Sandimen which is about 30km from Pingtung.

Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park

This place is so rich in their culture from the music to the dressing to different cultural artifacts. Make sure you have time to go enjoy their dances at the Theatre. Their dances are so graceful and captivating I could stay here for hours.

Femal Dancers doing their thing

Male dancers in Action

3) Make friends:

Hanging out with my new lady monk friend

Hanging out with my new lady monk friend

Walking and moving around the town of Pingtung was a lot of fun. I was the first if not the only African most had ever met. However as stated previously, Taiwanese are extra friendly and warm. They smiled, said hello and made you feel at home. They were impressed by my hair which was in braids a concept they could not understand. They also really loved the black skin constantly referring to it as Piaoliang which means beautiful. I wish more Africans especially ladies would travel here and hear that Black is Beautiful, maybe this will deter them from skin bleaching.

4) Taiwan High speed Rail:

Image of High speed Train from their magazine

I got to ride on the Taiwan High speed train from Taipei to Kaohsiung and is 395.5 km. It can move at a speed of 300km/h and has 989 seats. This ride is comfortable and though fast, you hardly notice the speed.

5) National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


I learnt about the Beluga otherwise known as the white whale and garden eels which actually look like big worms or small snakes but are actually fish and got to touch some creatures normally found at the bottom of the sea/ocean.

Touching some aquamarine life

Garden Eeels

Here, I got to  see great aqua marine life from corals to animals . I got to see the Whale Shark-the biggest fish in the world as well as penguins.


Hi you


Training to be a cook

Training to be a cook

The food here is great, yummy, mouth watering .Try eat and drink everything. I really enjoyed a restaurant that actually allows you to cook your own food . They provide all the ingredients which include meat, vegetables, oil etc. One then cooks all the ingredients together a blend of fry and boil.


With my dolphin family

I love love loved Pingdong/Pingtung. I felt totally relaxed as even the mood on the streets is relaxed. I believe having a host in this case Grandma and Grandpa made my experienec  more enriched. I became a professional green tea drinker, I learned to learn basic words We go-Zou ba, Xiexie-Thank you, among others.

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