Welcome to Wulai

Wulai means hot springs in the Atayal tribe and is a town situated in the mountain area of Taiwan. The area is cool, serene, and very beautiful. I was drawn to it more by the fact that the majority of the residents are  the older generation and thus lots of history to learn. I however managed to explore it a bit more.

Told you its in the mountains

This town is famous for the hotsprings although I didn’t get a chance to sample them. I enjoyed walking around the town, observing the amazing scenery and sampling some of their traditional delicacies. I  was impressed when I learnt that the  government offers free rides to the senior citizens on specific days into Taipei via bus.


You have to sample some if not all the dishes here. They have the authentic, traditional , aboriginal recipes and spices.

rice in bamboo

Rice in bamboo-stop hiding I want to eat you.

I sampled the wild boar (made me think of Tin Tin and Obelix), seasoned rice steamed in a tube of bamboo, bamboo and bamboo soup. This falls under one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

Rice cooked in Bamboo,bamboo and bamboo soup

eating Bamboo

Wulai Bridge:
There is a high bridge that is suspended across a major river. It is not for those who fear heights as it is quite high but I would encourage everyone to walk across it. The view from here is beautiful and also gives you an aerial view of Wulai.

Wulai Bridge

Wulai Atayal Museum
Now this place is filled with lots and lots of information. It lets you know about the rich culture of the Atayal people. There are pictures, paintings, structures and stories of the various Atayal culture thus exposing one to their rich history.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait



Wulai should be on everyones list. The place is different to most towns, the protection of their culture evident by their dressing, homes, delicacies as well as their language. It is however a place you need more than one day if you are to really experience it in totality. More stories on the Taiwan trip:





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