Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

Welcoming comittee

My arrival into Malaysia was met by excitement, pomp and galore- I actually felt like a VIP. How had the government learnt of my arrival and there after planned for me to be received by a group of Malaysian Dancers, to be welcomed by their songs and dances and get an immediate fix of my cultural appeal. I wish, this greeting was for all visitors arriving at that time as they were promoting their tourism campaign-Visit Malaysia 2014.


What to do in less than 24hr in KualaLumpur:

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and its largest city. When I decided to visit, I was mainly driven by the fact that I wanted to see the Petronas Towers for myself . I was however happy that though constrained for time, I managed to see a bit of it.

  1. Visit Petronas towers:


Growing up, the only thing I knew about Malaysia was the Petronas towers. Time and time again the news would highlight the construction of this building. It was outstanding as it held the title of  the tallest building in the world from 1998-2004 and still holds the title of the worlds tallest twin towers. This building has 88 floors-imagine that.


I got to view it at night and I assure you, it is a beauty to behold. Looking at this majestic building that seems to be touching the sky from most angles, looking at people walking along the bridge connecting the two towers will make a chill run down your spine and when you finally walk around it-you will be in awe.

Batu Caves:

It is prominently known for the Temple cave which has several Indian shrines with the statue of Murugan-a deity being prominent. The statue is at a towering height of  42.7 m tall , gold colored and believed to have cost over 24 million rupees.


The area has 272 steps which lead to the top of the caves that reveal several shrines as well as amazing limestone caves. As you climb slowly and are about to give up, you will be inspired by the devotees who not only walk bare feet on the steps but also have luggage in various forms of offerings for the shrines. You will also see macaques attempting to get some food from the devotees.


The area has lots of caves that also offer various options for rock climbing as well as being home to a variety of fauna and flora. I was in awe of the beautiful caves, limestone caves at that, which also offer various rock climbing options for adventure enthusiasts. The Dark caves which has limited access is home to amazing animals like the fruit bats, liphistiidae spiders among others and as such is a


Make Friends:

We were privileged to meet some amazing people in Kuala Lumpur starting with a young man called Andrew who ensured we got on the right bus and even gave us gifts to Anthony known as AJ who gets aces for being super friendly and welcoming. He took time to show us around KL and gave us tips for other locations.


Night Market:
The night market is bustling with life. There are many food  shops available, many clothes vendors and lots and lots of visitorsoth local and foreign . You will be spoilt for choice on what to eat and I enjoyed listening to the music that bellowed from some of the stands.



The public transport will reveal part of their culture. In some of them, men and women are separated and thus you will see clearly marked signs “Men only”  “Women Only”-please respect this and adhere.


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