It is located in the Himachal Pradesh area towards the  the mountanious region and is crowded with oak and conifer trees. The weather here is very cool and and the place very serene.

Things to do in Shimla:

  1. Visit McLeod Ganj

It is famous for being home to the Dalai Lama and several tibetian exiles and monks. As you walk around the place, you will easily meet with several Tibetians and Buddhist monks and if you are lucky, you may get a chance to actually see and hear the Dalai Lama address the people.


About Dalai Lama


2) Learn about Tibet and its people


The  Dharamshala area is a haven for many exiled Tibetians and is refered to as the headquarters of the Tibetian Government in exile. Take time to walk around and interact with the people-their information and stories will be quite informative and mind boggling.


Tibet in India


3) Appreciate the Prayer Flags:

As you walk around the area, you will find bright, colourful, rectangular pieces of cloth hanging on strings all over.


These are popularly refered to as prayer flags by the Tibetians and are used to bless the surrounding  areas. It is believed that when the wind blows, it carries the prayers from the flags to heaven.


4: Enjoy the Scenery:


I think this is the best Waterfall I have ever seen

The scenery in this area is very beautiful and I saw one of the best waterfalls in my life here.


Sun rising from the mountains

The sunset and sunrise are captivating and getting a glimpse of the Himalayan ranges infused a yearning for me to hike them and eventually the Everest at least once in my lifetime.


Beutiful Sunset

5) Walk around:

The place feels like one is in the rural area as there are lots of trees on every corner mainly oak and conifers. These have enabled the place to have cool temperatures, the air to be fresh and are indeed beautiful.


The markets have lots of traditional clothing and artefacts on sale and some of the homes have iron sheet roofs. Being mountainous, one feels like they are always either ascending or descending and the alleys in the populated areas are quite narrow and the roads winding.





One can get a bus from Hoshaipur where we were stationed, to Dharamshala. The drive up is very beautiful and scenic but you will definitely have your scary moments as the driver navigates the numerous sharp corners. However, I would advise if returning back to Hoshiapur on the same day, DO NOT take the last bus from Dharamshala- you may as well sleep over. This bus will tend to get over crowded as the last very large batch of people all want to go. TRUST ME-YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THE RIDE BACK, in an overcrowded, noisy, squeezed, polluted bus , going downhill on continuous winding hills in the dark. You have been warned.


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