Laikipia County: Nyahururu-Nanyuki

Laikipia County borders Samburu County to the North, Isiolo County to the North East, Meru County to the East, Nyeri County to the South East, Nyandarua County and Nakuru County to the South West and Baringo County to the West.  Laikipia County is famous for being home to the Thompson falls and the Equator.


It is a small town mainly known for agriculture and is at a height of about  2360metres. This is where the Thomson falls are located.


It is a captivating waterfall -watching the water drop from a height of about 70metres with so much pressure is captivating. The water then gushes on the rocks with so much pressure it exposes the rocks beneath and sighting a rainbow as the sun hits the water is oh so alluring. One can watch from above or trek to the bottom of the ravine. A few metres from the falls is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya.Take time listening to the cultural songs by some of the artisans on ground or even take pictures.



Close up of drop


Look at the exposed rocks and rainbow…



This is where the Equator is located. The Equator usually refers to an imaginary line on the Earths surface equidistant from the North Pole and The South Pole dividing the Earth into Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. It is about 40,075 kilometres (24,901 mi) and crosses through Nanyuki in Kenya at altitude 2272m.


Take time to also see how the equator affects motion. When you are located on one side and pour water from a bottle, the water will pour whilest rotating clockwise, when you walk across to the otherside of the equator, the water pours whilst roatting counterclockwise. I assure you-it is mindboggling .


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