My Longterm Relationship

Travel to me is more than a passion, more than a hobby, more than something I just love to do; it is my fulfilling Long-term Relationship.

My parents are the ones who actually introduced me to Travel -I will forever be grateful to them. Little did I know that Travel was slowly laying its seduction cards. Thereafter, the family travels were replaced by trips with my friends. It didn’t matter where to, as long as someone said Travel I was in. Before long, I was hooked, I was in too deep, I wanted to spend more time alone with Travel and thus how I found myself in a Relationship with Travel.

As the relationship blossomed, I had a long deep heart to heart with travel on where we wanted this relationship to go. The response was unanimous, we were in it for the long haul. It would last for as long as God enabled it and we were sure, He had approved of it.

Like all relationships, this meant we would have to work hard at it. I would continue to create opportunities to spend time with travel, while travel would continue to provide me with experiences beyond my imagination. I have been in this relationship for over seven years now (since the talk) and to date, I have no regrets.

The thought of travel still makes me smile even when I am alone, makes me gaze into the horizon and wonder, where next? The thought of travel makes me glow with excitement as I recall our past and foresee our future. I get a buzz, a high and butterflies in my stomach just thinking about Travel. When I am down in the dumps, just the thought of Travel is enough to lift my mood. I undergo metamorphosis with each travel experience.I have grown my faith in God,learnt new things about myself ,life, humanity,places while I break stereotypes and make friends with people I would normally not have met or interacted with.

Like all relationships, we also face several challenges e.g.being denied visas,facing negative stereotyping,finances,time etc. but we still stick together.Read on and share in my relationship with travel and I hope it will inspire you to not fear but also start a relationship with Travel.You will not regret it..I dont.


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