Guilty!Guilty!Guilty! I am Guilty as charged.

What is my charge you may wonder…..well…I AM FEMALE?

Apparently,it is a crime to be Female.Lets  take a read through most female lives.

Most if not all societies are Patriachal societies.Wikipidia defines this as a social system in which Males hold primary power.Thus historically and amazingly even now most societies believe males are better than females.Cases of the girl child being killed because she wasnt born male still occur,women being chased out of their homes because they have bore girls and not boys still occur,cases of the girl child being denied education so that her brother could study are still rampant.

A man can marry as many women as he wishes and need not consult his wife.The 2013-2017 Kenyan parliament which is dominantly male,saw it fit to pass a bill declaring that a man does not need to consult his wife when he chooses to bring in another.Issues of poverty, diseases, corruption,child abuse,terrorism ,GDP,education were not urgent issues to be discussed,their personal outlook at polygamy had to be passed as legislation.They needed to show women who was boss and what better way to do it than ensure it is in the constitution.Like seriously,why consult your wife over the changes in their home,I forgot,it is his home and she is merely a caretaker who can be dismissed at will and she gets the perks of sharing his bed and bearing him children gosh shouldnt she be greatful for the opportunity to be called his.

Women are banished from their homes for….wait for it…not baring children.No,it could never be the man who has a problem ,the woman is always guilty.Like really ,what worth is a woman who cannot bear childrem,she is ridiculed,she is segregated ,she is disowned .She is a woman,what other use is she if she cannot bear children.It doest matter that child bearing is not in her control.And in cases where she bears children and they are all female,woe unto her,she has still committed a crime.

In other cases the woman is made a breeding machine.Year in year out,she is pregnant.She has no say,she is exhausted,she is weak,she is hungry,her womb is tired but she must produce more children.The man wants more,he must get more,doesnt matter if he cant actually take care of them.Cases of women having miscarriage after miscarriage,being advised to stop getting pregnant by the doctor are  ignored,she has to bear him more children or he will leave her,forget that she might die,the Man has demanded,he must get.

Then crimes being hidden under the guise of customs.Child brides still exist.There are communities that will marry off girls as young as 5 to be wives in all descriptions of the word.Girls who should be in school,playing,singing ,laughing are now married to older men and thus their innocence stolen.These in my view are Child rape victims,victims of paedophilia that has been glossed over under the guise of culture…culture…really we need to review that definition .This is rape,the girl is a rape victim and the “husband” should be treated as a RAPIST.

Then there is female genital Mutilation.I hope you noted its Mutilation and not beautification.I have spoken to a few ladies who have undergone the Mutilation.Why I ask…why…Well,I didnt have a say,I cant get married,not getting the cut isnt an option,It is our culture,I was forced.etc etc.What are the benefits to you personally?None was forthcoming.Thus I wonder why this practice still happens though it is a crime-Yes ,it is a crime in Kenya ,under the constitution well…Drumrolls please-The Men require it of their women.

Then we hear of rape victims.Victims people,victims…But you will be suprised by what comes out first from peoples mouths.Not shock,not sympathy,not lets go report….What was she wearing?Like serously is there a RAPE ME PLEASE OUTFIT?There is no reason for rape,no excuse for rape and no,not even miniscule dressing is a reason.Like seriously,does that mean that the 9 month old baby deserved it because she was wearing diapers that were exposed as she crawled on the floor.Like really,did she ooze all forms of come hither to her assailant and thus deserved it.Or rather,what of the 90 year old lady who walks bent at the waist because of old age thus making her back side sashay from right to left and thus did these seductive moves entice her attacker.Or the girl in her skinny jeans and vest,really she seduced the attacker,she deserved it.Or the cases of women being stripped in public because the men did not approve of their dressing.I forget,the men decide what is right  or wrong,its a Mans World.

Either way,I am proud to be Female.Though it means I will keep walking around with the words Guilty stamped on my forehead,I will hold my head high.I will not bow down to my accusers,I will not cower and leave the status quo as is,I will do my best to educate other females that they are Very Important People,they are actually the majority in the world,they should learn to love themselves first and stand up when their autonomy is challenged.

Therefore fellow accused,fellow females,fellow comrades of the world…what are our other challenges and what solutions can we offer to help each other?


One thought on “GUILTY!GUILY!GUILTY!

  1. What a sad state of affairs. These are indeed crimes. If it’s institutionalized under the guise of culture, maybe it’s time to rebrand these crimes to crimes against humanity. Hopefully, change and justice will come swiftly.

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