Fun ways to keep fit in Asia

People think that keeping fit has to be boring, expensive, unpalatable and happen in a gymn. Well, let me show you exciting ways to keep fit

  1. Climb 309steps to Wat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai- Thailand


Visit Chiang Mai and climb to the top of Wat Doi Suthep to get an aerial view of the town. By the time I  got to the top, I had stretched my thigh muscles to the limit, my shins acquired new curvature and my  arms were well toned courtesy of flailing my arms whilst carrying my waterbottle/dumbell and I still had to get back down.

2) Dance in India


Dance, dance, dance in India-you will love it.


I over indulged in Punjab music and dance, where we would raise our hands in the air  and wave them like we just didnt care. We would click our fingers to the music -finger work out- imagine that and move our feet in various dance steps ensuring even the lower body was worked on.


3) Climbing  272 steps into Batu caves in Malaysia.


Make sure to walk up the steps into Batu Caves to enjoy the amazing limestone  caves within. These steps are narrow and  I had to climb very slowly, thus taxing my leg muscles more and ensuring a great work out.

4) Shop till you drop in Hong Kong



Shop till you drop in this case will benefit your health. I over walked in Hong Kong just to appease my shopping desires and even being on crutches couldnt stop me. This offered me various forms of therapy simultaneously-physiotherapy and retail therapy and I wasn’t complaining.

5)Row a raft in Thailand


If you have been dreaming of well toned arms like former First lady of the United states Michele Obama-this is what you need to do.

6) Climb 252 steps in Lourdes Grotto in Baguio- Philippines


Trust me, after both ascending and descending these steps, all your muscles are toned. You will grip the railings to assist in the climb thus toning your arms, your mind, thighs and shins also get a work out while at it.


7) Eat healthy

eating Bamboo

Eating Bamboo

The options on what to eat vary and here I got to enjoy everything from eating bamboo to learning how to prepare my own meals in Wulai and Taipei in Taiwan.

Training to be a cook

Training to be a cook


8)Ride a bicycle in Bali-Indonesia


I assure you, this is one of the most recommended ways to navigate easily around Bali. As I took the sharp corners, my hands would grip the handle bars tighter thus strengthening and toning my abs. My thigh and leg muscles were also outdoing themselves in ensuring I remained both in motion and on the bike while my butt muscles got a well needed work out.




9) Climb the stairs in Borobodur in Indonesia

There are about  100 steps here for you to conquer. The climb is taxing though I was easily distracted by the beautiful stone sculptures on the walls. The large number of people around me felt like a cheering squad I could not disappoint all the way to the last step on descent.





10) Walk over suspended bridges in Singapore


This suspended/hanging bridge is located in Palawan beach in Singapore and  links beach goers to the Southermost Point of Continental Asia-Asia’s closest point to the Equator.This is taking aerobics to another level as the bridge swings with every motion. You will tend to find your arms gripping the sides and your feet trying to keep you from falling.





4 thoughts on “Fun ways to keep fit in Asia

    • Hey Michelle, well it is a delicacy in Wulai-Taiwan, and the whole meal also included wild boar (reminded me of Tintin and Obelix), seasoned rice steamed in a tube of bamboo, bamboo and bamboo soup..You should try…Great blog-just had a look at yours..

  1. Hello, i will try that tips and action which is mention in blog for keep fit himself. I like your article because you are mention tour trips with fitness policy. You will just add some more thing about food.

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