1.Research on the destination you wish to travel.Read blogs,official country travel sites and listen to people.

2.You can travel on any budget-just custom make it to suit your wallet .

3.I highly recommend Hostel world ,Lonely Planet and Trip advisor when looking for  indepth information on destinations,accomodations and everything travel.

4.Yes,you can travel alone,I am a solo,young African lady on the road.Say Hi to me when you see me.

5.There is no one trick to getting money for travel.I highly recommend saving up-it teaches you discipline and that’s what I do.You could also win a  fully paid up trip-which I also have.

6.You can travel during your leave days,holidays,weekends ,throughout,basically anytime is travel time.

7.To gain confidence-You will need lots of this to travel,you can start small,your town,city,country then beyond borders.

9.Travel is for everyone Introverts, extroverts, rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy,able bodied and disabled

10.You cannot have a full proof travel plan,things change along the way.

11.Do not always follow tourist destinations,some of these may not impress you.Follow what interests you but also leave allowance for new experiences and exposure.

12.Pray,Pray ,Pray-trust me,it helps.

13.Learn to enjoy your own company,you will have lots of alone time.



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