About Me

Wangechi Gitahi is a Born Again Christian who Loves the Lord with All Her Heart.She also loves life, travel,adventure,pushing the limits,indoors,outdoors, making friends,smiling,laughing, and being  happy.It is actually difficult to define me but I think that will do.

I tend to be a solo ,lady traveller ,who tends to shift between introvert and extrovert as I travel.Travelling alone has actually taught me how to really enjoy my own company and make friends with strangers.Being from Kenya-which is in Africa,backpacking isn’t in our culture.Thus,I am still learning the ropes and thus I am currently in a class of one-I am the teacher and the student.I have been teaching myself by borrowing tips from bloggers,other travellers I meet and at times just letting the world reveal itself. That is the advantage of having passion for something,you will do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.

I write this blog with three main goals in mind

1.To share my experiences.

My passion for travel has led to numerous questions from my family,friends and strangers.Locally,everyone asks, How do you do it?You must be rich?How do you decide on location?How much was the visa?They gave you a visa?etc etc.This is actually what made me decide to blog,to stop having to repeat information but instead direct them to one place with all the information.I am an amateur and loving it,so feel free to follow,comment,ask questions,give information and enjoy reading.

2.To break stereotyping through offering information.

Most of the information we have on countries,cultures or its people is usually very skewed.This is because it is normally derived from the news,internet,movies and gossip.This is what has led to immense stereotyping that would shock you.No,Africa is not a country,it is a continent.I continuously see my stereotyping of places challenged and even crushed.I enjoying sharing about Kenya and Africa and thus helping others break their stereotypes of Africans.I plan to reveal the “”World to the World” and hopefully provide information that will make people embrace diversity and differences positively and not discriminate.Lets Spread Love not Hate.

3.To inspire people to Travel.

I see and hear people saying they wish they could travel,but…..and the excuses flow.I hope to inspire people to travel locally and internationally regardless of their current location.I also want to confirm that Travel does not discriminate.Travel isn’t just for those with overflowing bank accounts-haha my bank account can attest to this.It isn’t just for a specific race-I am Black.It isn’t just for a specific Continent-I am African.It isn’t only for the physically strong -I am petite.It isn’t only for the physically empowered-I have traveled while on crutches.Basically,travel is for anyone and everyone.Go on,Travel locally and internationally,it will change you and your life.




10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Wangechi. Checking your gravatar, I wonder why you don’t put your address there. I guess your blog would be way more findable if you do. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. See all the SQUARES beside the names here (wangeci, wangechigitahi, sue etc)? Those are gravatars (globally recognized avatars). So we can say that gravatars are some kind of [icon-like] identifiers.

    What does a gravatar do to us? A number of things. Bear with me.

    Now hover your mouse over my gravatar (my ‘square’). Click ‘View Complete Profile’, then click on ‘Websites’ (this will bring you to my homepage). Look at the sidebar ‘TEMEN NGOBROL’ and ‘PENGAMAT’. Those are for commenters and followers. Nice, huh? 🙂 (I deliberately only show ten of them in random, not all).

    Check out my last post ‘deus ex machina’ and scroll down to the comment part at the bottom (no, you don’t have to make one yourself; I just ask you to take a look). See? The gravatars do make the comment section more like fun, right? (The colored part are my replies—yellow for comments made in Indonesian, green for English – – but that beside the point).

    The point is, besides serving as identifiers, gravatars can encourage people to put their gravatars on our side (some kind of ‘I was here’ mark, you might say).

    Now back to your ‘About’ page. Hover on YOUR OWN gravatar, and click ‘View Complete Profile’. See what I mean? There’s no link to your blog on it. So it means that if you make a comment on my blog and your gravatar shows up on the sidebar (as ‘temen ngobrol), people still won’t be able to reach you from there. And that’s too bad. 🙂

    To set your own gravatar, try either one of these two:
    – Menu [dashboard] [Users] [My profile]
    – go to ‘gravatar.com’

    Good luck.

    • Hey hey kutukamus..thanks for all the tips .I believe I have followed them correctly..do you approve?Any and all tips continue to be highly appreciated..and feel free to share my blog with all your friends and followers

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